WIMAX and LTE solutions
BreezeMAX Compact Solutions support WiMAX and LTE in multiple bands

WALKair 3000 PTMP Brochure

BreezeMAX Brochure

BreezeMAX Macro BST Datasheet

BreezeMAX Extreme Brochure

BreezeACCESS VL PTMP Brochure

  • BreezeMAX
  • WALKair
  • BreezeACCESS
  • BreezeNET B

VSAT Hubs and Remotes
GSM Backhaul Optimisation

Skyedge II Brochure

  • SkyEdge
  • Sky-Abis
  • WinLink 1000
  • Radwin 2000

Business Control, Billing and CRM Solutions

FTS Express Brochure

Leap Billing Brochure

  • Leap CRM
  • Leap Billing

Mobile Satellite

  • BGAN
  • VoIP Application Server
  • Media Gateways
  • VoIP Peering

Ultra Wideband (UWB) Wireless USB Audio and Video Adaptors

Wisair WUSB Adapter Portfolio

  • Wireless USB Audio/Video Adapter Set

PTP High Capacity

Fibeair-IP-10 Brochure

  • FibeAir IP-10

PTP High Capacity IP Transmission

  • Horizon Compact
  • Horizon Duo

Next Generation Long Range WiFi Base Stations

Wavion WBS Brochure

  • WBS-2400
  • WBS-5800